Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ephemera Cards from ATC's

I had a little creative time the other day and decided to continue with my month-long exploration/return to card making. I dug around in my supplies and found a whole bunch of Artist Trading Cards (or ATC's). For an explanation of what an ATC is, check out this post. I decided to use these as the focal point for some cards. For these first two, it was simply a matter of putting them on a matted card front and stamping a message.
I did a bit more to create the background for these two cards. Washi tape, greeting and card stock squares for the one on the left; just a little washi tape for the one on the right.
They were fun to make and very easy. I hope you like them because I've got a few more ATC-based cards to share next week. In fact, I'll be doing a little give-away on Monday.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Scrapbook Friday: Some Members of the Menagerie

I have a goal to scrapbook at least four layouts a month and share them on Fridays on my blog. Right now I'm working my way through photographs from 2014. I have a couple layouts to share today, both featuring some members of our menagerie. First up is Frida, the kitten who we adopted from the kitten nursery at the Humane Society, where Clara and I volunteered during that summer. The pictures include snaps from inside the nursery, the first day we brought her home and from when she had grown into a nice young cat who believes herself to be the Queen of the Printer!
Next up, the chickens! Well, the focus of this layout is actually their eggs. I have a different layout planned about building the coop and getting the chickens. This one focuses on them starting to lay and Clara starting "Clara's Farm Fresh Eggs," her egg business. For those of you who commented before about the colors of our eggs - our white hen, Laverne, lays white eggs. Our brown hens, known collectively as "the Buffys" because they are Buff Orpingtons and we can't tell them apart, lay brown eggs. And our two americaunus hens lay blue/green eggs.Clara's customers love the variety.
Both of these layouts came together really quickly because the Frida layout used a premade blank layout and the egg layout was actually a sample layout I made for a class I taught a many, many years ago when we used to have a local scrapbook store. I actually pulled off the photos from the sample layout and added these ones instead! I was really pleased with how well the egg layout matched the class sample. I had figured I was use the top blank layout for zoo pictures, but we rarely go anymore now that the children are grown. And I think it works reasonably well for the Frida pictures.
Don't you?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Good Times with a Blog Friend

Yesterday I had the great good fortune to get together with Jacky (of the Scrappy Jacky blog) and her family. We had met once before in London. This time, we met in San Francisco and did a terrific tour of the murals in the Mexican Mission District. We stopped in a playground for a photo opportunity. We posed on a feathered serpent named Quetzal Coatl.

Among the beautiful details of the mosaic sculpture included a dedication.

It reads "The Gifts of Quetzal Coatl." It seemed appropriate because the whole day truly felt like a gift! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Photo Pairs: Frida (ZIZO)

I had my camera out, photographing some of my cards and catching up on my still life photography class. And Frida would not leave me alone. So, I trained the lens on her and captured a perfect set for Helena's Photography Pairs meme. I went with the classic "zoom in, zoom out" concept. Shot with my 50 mm lens, I love her eyes, especially with the windows reflected in them. Puts me in mind of that quote about the eyes being the windows to the soul. For more photo pairs, check out Helena's blog here.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Me on Monday

Waving Hi on Monday, along with others over at Sian's blog.
Usually when following along with this meme, I list the kind of weekend I had. But, today, I'm going to talk about my last week because it's been a very busy week. Why?
Well, it was a jump on the airplane and fly to Eastern Kentucky University with Clara kind of week because she's thinking of attending college there.
It's a beautiful campus, and we explored their farm (where we found a one hour old lamb).
It was a place where we ate grits and enjoyed a beautiful sunset.
I was home for day, where poor Aria dog is still recovering from ACL surgery. Her little friend Luna would really like her to come out to play:
Then it was time to jump back on a plane and fly to Michigan State University in East Lansing for a conference (but not before exchanging emails to plan a meet-up with a special visitor from England who is flying out to the West Coast this week).
It was an interesting conference, but the highlight for me was spending time with one of my oldest and dearest Professor friends (the photograph at the top was for the concluding dinner of the conference).  We met when I started my program to become a law professor; I interviewed at his law school when I was ready to begin teaching (though I went elsewhere); and our paths have crossed at conferences ever since.
I returned late Saturday night, and Sunday was a doing laundry, watching baseball on TV, going to the gym and getting ready for another busy week kind of day. But, Paul, Clara and I did turn it into a going out for a lovely sushi dinner kind of evening.
So, how was your week? Or weekend?

Friday, April 10, 2015

Scrapbook Friday: A Sister Visits

I'm enjoying continuing to scrapbook this year. My goal is a modest four layouts a month. I know if I do that, I will do more because I will binge at least once in while along the way. This week's page is inspired by Amanda's April Challenge. If you're a scrapbooker and haven't checked out her blog, you really should! She has lots of great layouts, and I think I'm going to be her guest artist for her May challenge.
For this layout, you essentially make eight little square layouts (I made mine 5.5x5.5, rounded the edges, used a sheet of Oregon cutouts I bought at a scrapbook store there and some Tim Holtz tissue tape). It was a great way to capture the train trip Clara and I took last spring to visit Henry at college (there's actually 12 photos on the layout, but it doesn't seem like that many). In looking at this, it reminds me a little bit of some of your project life pages (just in a larger format). If you're scrapping this month and like the looks of this layout, you can join Amanda's challenge at the link above.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photo Pairs: Mixed Media Ephemera Card "Color Study"

I made a few cards over the weekend, including this pair of mixed media cards. The first one used ephemera and the second one used stamps, water color paint, ink and flowers. I'm linking this pair as my photo pair for this week and calling it "color study" because I've got a nice monochrome story and a complimentary color story. You can find more photo pairs at Helena's blog.